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Photography of Frogs

This tour is designed for people who want to photograph amphibians, especially frogs in favorable conditions, whether with cell phones, point and shot cameras or DSLR.

  • SPECIES - In this type of Tours there is an average of 6 species found in the area. The frogs are not kept, they are only collected for the event and later released, so that the species are varied for each tour. It is normal to have poisonous frogs, glass frogs, tree frogs and sometimes with some reptiles.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY - This tour is completely designed for people who take pictures of these amphibians, so there are controlled conditions of light, sets, sprinklers, etc.  People will be able to photograph with cell phones, point and shot cameras or DSLR.
  • NOT ALLOWED - The use of flash, manipulation of frogs.
  • TIME APPROXIMATE - Time will depend on the number of people, the minimum required is 3 pax and the average time is 4 hours.
  • INCLUDES - Photographic assistance, identification of species, extramense a bottle of water and lunch.
  • EXTRA - It is possible to do this tour at night to capture the colors of the amphibians in these conditions, this has an additional cost, to coordinate previously.
  • COST - $ 75 (Minimum 3 Pax)


If you are interested in this tour, please enter the information requested.